1. Meets the needs of commercial agencies and representing foreign companies in Jordan and Middle East.

2. Exporting and importing goods to and from the Middle East world and foreign markets.

3. Performing all required market investigations, market capacities, feasibility studies.

4. Logistic support, transport, storing, custom clearance and all necessary administration activities related to trading and commercial agencies.

5. Specializing in international and local trading activities.

6. Technical services through opening workshops, selling shops, stores with all necessary devices, equipment, and tools according to their requirement.

7. Cooperation, bidding, tendering, signing contracts with public unions, organizations, governmental and private sectors  with strict adherence to legal norms.

8. Importing and delivery of various foodstuffs to the private sector and local authorities.

9. Production, transport and distribution of ready-made foods, fast food and food staff.

10. Packing and manufacturing of packing materials.

11. Renting, selling and acquisition all kinds of commercial and residential properties.


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